HempSmart review: Is This Another Pure Scam ?!….

Welcome to my HempSmart review.

What is HempSmart? Is it a legit MLM company? What product do they offer? How much does it cost?

This review will take an in-depth look at HempSmart and see if this is a legitimate MLM company or is just another pyramid scheme where they only want your money.

This review will answer all your questions about HempSmart and understand more about this company before making any decisions.

Is it a scam? Let's find it out in this HempSmart review.

HempSmart Review

  • Name: HempSmart
  • Website: www.hempsmart.com
  • Founder: Donald Steinberg
  • Price: $49-$129
  • Recommended?: No
HempSmart logo
HempSmart website

What Is HempSmart?

HempSmart is a Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) company and a subsidiary of the Marijuana Company of America (MCOA), and they are based in Escondido, California.

The founder and CEO of this company are Donald Steinberg, and their headquarters are in California.

The company sells various CBD-based health and nutritional supplements such as oils, drops, capsules, and topicals.

HempSmart also offers Business Development Packs for their clients, calling their affiliates or representatives.

The company sells products worldwide, with its global target market being the UK.

They also have an office in Manchester, England, which I believe is backup support if something goes wrong with their main office in the US.

HempSmart from other companies' difference is that you can get special discounted wholesale prices from their products instead of the regular retail prices.

Also, you can sell their products to the market at retails prices.

You can also earn commissions by recruiting other people and building a downline.

Who Is Donald Steinberg?

Donald Steinberg is the founder and of HempSmart. 

He is also the founder of the Marijuana Company of America in 2015.

Donald Steinberg still runs the company to this day, and he plans to expand his company overseas while improving the reputation of the CBD and cannabis to the mainstream market.

How Does HempSmart Work?

As you already know, HempSmart is an MLM company that sells CBD products.

Here are the products:

HempSmart Brain - This product helps improve your brain health and function, which can make you smarter. 

It also helps you improve your focus so that you can remember the details quickly.

HempSmart Moisturizer - This product can be applied to the skin to reduce inflammation from allergies and hydrate and rejuvenate the skin and make you look young.

HempSmart Pain Cream - This is another pain reliever, but unlike the capsulized version, this one comes in the form of a cream which you have to apply on the part which aches or where you feel pain. It contains CBD, terpenes, and CBG.

Can You Make Money With HempSmart?

Yes, you can make money with this company by selling their products to earn a commission.

You can earn around 10% to 30% commission on anything that you sell.

You can also earn money by recruiting other people to join the company.

This is what I don't like about MLM because it is mainly focused on recruiting than selling.

Also, you have to aggressively encourage the people you invite and do your best to help your downline sell more.

For this to work, you need to have some sales experience to earn any money from this MLM.

MLM is not an easy job, and it takes hard work and patience for you to get the money you want.

How Much Does HempSmart Cost?

There are three options when joining HempSmart the Associate Registration Pack, Fast Track Registration Pack, and Fast Track Registration Pack.

HempSmart Associate Registration Pack - $49

With the Associate Registration Pack, you can get a 15% discount when you buy products from HempSmart, which you can sell at retail price.

This will let you recruit more members and add them to their downline, typical for MLM.

With this package, you'll get qualified to get rewards and compensation for your sales and downline bonuses. 

You'll also get your own HempSmart website and an eCommerce store where people can buy from you.

You'll also get free business training exclusive to the members-only app, resource library, and technical support.

The only difference with this starter pack from the more advanced Fast Track option is that you don't have any products to sell.

HempSmart Fast Track Registration Pack (250 mg) - $99

With the Fast Track Registration pack, you'll get all the packs in the Associate registration pack, plus 250 mg Full Spectrum Mint Drops(FSMD) and Full Spectrum Strawberry Drops.

HempSmart Fast Track Registration Pack (500 mg) - $129

If your the type of person that is willing to risk and wants to earn more money, then Fast Track is for you.

In this package, you'll get 500 mg bottles of their Full Spectrum Mint Drops and Full Spectrum Strawberry Drops.

You'll also get all the perks and inclusion in the basic Associate pack.

HempSmart Compensation Plan

There are 3 ways to earn money with HempSmart:

  • Retail Sales
  • Downline Commissions
  • Bonuses

Retail Profits

You can get discounted price if you buy the product from HempSmart you can get 10% to 30% lower depending on your rank. 

You can also earn 10% to 30% profit from every product you sold.

Downline Commissions

HempSmart downline commission

As I said earlier, you can earn money by recruiting other people to join the company.

The amount of your commission will depend on your rank.

PQV, also known as Personal Qualified Volume - is the number of products you sold monthly. 

The GCV or Group Qualified Volume - Is the number of products sold by your group monthly. 

Also, you need to maintain those figures for you to remain or upgrade in rank.

You can then earn 2% to 7% in downline commissions, as shown in the table above.


You can get a 25% commission bonus when you sold 200 products or PPVs in a month.

To get this bonus, you need to avail the $179 registration pack.

You can also get a 25% commission bonus on level 1 downlines and a 12.5% commission bonus on level 2 downlines if you sold a minimum of 300 products or PPVs in a month. 

To get this bonus, you need to avail the $279 registration pack.

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Is HempSmart A Scam?

HempSmart is not a scam or a pyramid scheme because they have a wide range of products and a money-back guarantee.

However, just like other MLM companies, it is focused more on recruiting than selling the products.

It has always been this way ever since as you can see you earn big money if you invite someone to join in and if that someone you invite invited another person he/she will earn commission as well the same goes to you because he/she is your downline.

This makes many people suspicious about the company because it’s like a pyramid scheme because, as I said, it is focused on recruitment instead of selling.

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What I Like About HempSmart

Low Startup fee

As you already know, there are 3 option package if you want to join HempSmart. You can choose either the $49, $99, or $129 starter pack.

Unlike most MLM companies out there cost more than $500 to start or even more, but with HempSmart, you can join less than that.

Health Benefits

As you can see, the CBD products that they offer have health benefits such as pain relief, inflammation and can even smoothen your skin because of their rejuvenating features.

Although these products don’t have any therapeutic claims, their effectiveness has been proven by many of their users.

What I Don't Like About HempSmart

Lacks income disclosure

If you go to their website, you won't see any income disclosure.

This means some of their members aren't making enough money, and that is why they don't put income disclosure on their website so that you won't know it.

Hard to sell CBD products on the market

It is difficult to sell CBD products on the market right now because the number of MLM companies selling CBD products increases. 

As you can see, for the past years till this present, the CBD market is expanding. 

That means more CBD businesses will come, making it harder for you to sell the products.

The CBD products are not regulated yet, and they have a negative stereotype from most consumers and the government because of their relationship with cannabis.

This shows that you'll have a hard time selling their products because CBD isn't legal in many states.

Pyramid scheme in disguise

The only realistic way for the representatives to avoid losing money is by recruiting people to join the company and become their downline.

As you can see, the more people you recruit, the more money you will earn.

Yes, some and very few people make good money, but you need to recruit lots of people who will undoubtedly lose money to be successful.

Final Thoughts

I hope my review has provided you sufficient knowledge about HempSmart and provided you the answer to all your questions.

There are many people interested in joining the company. However, there is a chance that you won't earn much with HempSmart.

Yes, their product does have health benefits, but selling them will be hard because there are many products out there that are much cheaper and have the same benefits.

Not just selling, it is also hard to invite people to join the company. As you can see, it is not easy to convince people to join because not all of them will believe you.

MLM business is not easy, and it takes a long time and hard work to make money.

That is why I can't recommend you this company.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my HempSmart review. 

If you have any questions or experiences with HempSmart, please share in the comments below.

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