Ebformula.com Review: $3,624.18 a Day with eBay or just a Scam?


Did you watch Eb Formula’s promo video and you are wondering if it’s a scam or you will make $3,624,18 a day?

I’m glad you are doing your own research before purchasing this suspicious money-making program

Eb formula Quick Review

  • Name: Eb Formula
  • Website: Ebformula.com
  • Price: $37 + Upsells
  • Owner: Dan Wright.

What is Eb Formula?

Eb Formula claims that you can make thousands of dollars with eBay if you buy their magic program that costs $37.

Sounds too good to be true if you ask me If you watch the promo video will notice that the spokesperson didn’t mention how his product actually works he just keep repeating that his program is going to change your life and you will make thousands of cash.

This doesn’t make any sense because a legit program/system show people how it works right from the beginning without filling them with hype.

Just in case you are wondering how you’ve been selected:

The spokesperson claims that you have been selected but the truth is gurus like Dan Wright have a large email list that they built over the years full of people ready to buy, so if he advertises Eb Formula to them the percentage of his email list will definitely buy his product.

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How Eb Formula works

Eb Formula it’s nothing like it looks like, it’s just a ClickBank product that will make you spend as much as possible on the upsells.

The spokesperson claims that you can set it up in a few minutes all you need do is:

  • Fill in the form
  • Active your account.
  • Push a few buttons and watch your profits grow fast.

Eb Formula is focused on what is called  “drop shipping“, it means you will sell on eBay and have products shipped directly to the buyer.

Drop shipping is a legit business, all you need is an eBay seller account it’s not hard to do but if you buy Eb Formula you will end up going down the wrong path because the truth is that Eb Formula will just sell you some low-quality training that will teach you some basics of selling on eBay.

I’ve reviewed so many Clickbank products that make their product sound like out of the world but when you buy them it’s nothing but disappointment.

You can read below some of my Clickbank products reviews to see what I’m talking about:

The Upsells

Something that all the ClickBank products have in common is the upsells!, It will only cost you $37 to get started but then they will keep promoting other products with Affiliate links and if you click them they will automatically get paid from your credit card.

The 60 days money back guarantee will only get your $37 back and not the upsells so to cut a long story short the real earners are the owners of this scam, not you.

When it’s too late, Instead of swimming in thousands of dollars you will find your self swimming in loads of useless digital products.

Fake owner

Dan Wright Who learned how to make thousands of dollars on eBay from his old friend Jason is not giving enough information about himself, not even a picture!

There is no reason some random hidden person in a video will share with you their shortcut to millions of dollars that they just discovered, I mean there is no reason to hide your identity unless you are planning to scam people.

All the owners of the Clickbank products that I’ve reviewed on my website use a pen name and a stock photo to keep their identity safe.

Fake Testimonials

Remember the guy who claimed that he made over $120.000 in the last three months?

And what about the women who claimed that she is making over $ 40.000 every month with Eb Formula?

Well, they are just paid actors and you can easily find them in a website Called Fiverr.com they usually do their video presentations as couples spokesperson as you can see below:

How to actually make money with eBay

Making money with eBay is not a secret and there are different ways to earn with eBay including:

  • Selling your own item on eBay: You can sign up with eBay and follow a few easy steps to start selling. (how to sell your item on eBay)
  • Drop Shipping: As I explained above drop shipping is when is when you sell the goods directly from the manufacturer to the customer (How to drop shipping on eBay)
  • Promote eBay products via Affiliate links: and this is my favorite way to earn with eBay, all you need to do is to build an Affiliate website (building an Affiliate website will take you less than 30 seconds)

Affiliate Marketing is the best and easiest way to earn with big companies like Amazon and eBay…so if you are interested then check out my free GUIDE

Is Eb Formula a Scam?

Eb Formula is just a scam they will just give you a low-quality product for $37 and bombard your inbox with promotions of other products so whenever you click on a link they will automatically get the money from your credit card/bank account.

Nothing in life comes easily, I used to be a newbie just like you and I’ve been scammed so many times but I never lost hope until one day I came across an amazing training program that allowed me to try things for free and thought me everything I know now.

I hope this review was helpful and I’m glad you did your research before buying this scam.

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