Can You Make Money On Redbubble? My Honest Review

Welcome to my Redbubble review!

Back in the days, earning online may seem far fetched. Some even have the conception that it is only for those with formal training or just the gifted in using the internet.

But nowadays, anything is possible through cyberspace.

Earning income online is now an opportunity for everybody. And in some cases, it is a source of full-time income

In fact, statistics have shown that most millennia’s today are getting their full-time income online.

As you’re searching for ways to earn income online, you might have come across Redbubble.

You might have an artistic side and interested in joining.

But you doubt because you’ve never heard about this company—can you make money on Redbubble?

I am here to put those doubts away and give you an analysis of whether Redbubble is a reliable source of income or not.

So once again, can you make money on Redbubble? Or are they just a con artist trying to get money from people?

 Let’s begin…

Redbubble Review

  • Name: Redbubble
  • Website: 
  • Founder: Peter Styles, Martin Hosking, and Paul Vanzella
  • Price: Free-to-join
  • Recommended?: Yes! For artistic people.
Can You Make Money On Redbubble

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble is an online market that sells products like mugs, t-shirts, posters, or tumblers with custom printings on it.

Redbubble is basically labeled as Print-on-demand.

They were founded about fourteen years ago in 2006. Its founders include Peter Styles, Martin Hosking, and Paul Vanzella.

Currently, they have thousands of artists contributing to them.

They provide opportunities to independent artists that are trying to make a living out of selling their artwork.

For the buyer, they have a chance to buy 100% original artworks that are printed on specific surfaces like mugs, posters, tumblers, t-shirts, etc.

Staying this long in the industry means that they have a pretty good reputation.

 This also means that they are probably a good source of income if you’re an artist or graphic designer.
Can You Make Money On Redbubble

How to become a contributing artist for Redbubble? Is there a membership fee?

Joining Redbubble is pretty basic.

 If you have Yahoo, Facebook, Gmail, or any online accounts, the idea is just the same.
Can You Make Money On Redbubble

Fill in the basics first like name, username, and creating a password.

And then, you finish your profile later and provide an address, PayPal account, and profile picture.

It is that simple.

Becoming a contributing artist is absolutely free of charge. Anybody with an artistic side can join them.

Since you’re selling digital products, you also have to consider basic tools and applications for creating your art piece.

You don’t have to pull out any money from your pocket, really.

You don’t have to pay any surcharges when uploading your work, or any service fees for that matter.

 The only get a cut of royalties when your artwork sells. I will explain this a little later in this review.
Can You Make Money On Redbubble

How does Redbubble work?

As mentioned, it is a print on demand website. So basically, they sell products with custom printings on it.

In the buyers’ perspective, they provide the imprint they want to see on an item like t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, and others.

The only inconvenience I find so far is that they don’t have a mobile application available yet. You have to make a transaction through their website if you want to avail of their services.

For the seller, if you think you’re artistic or like doing arts and crafts, then you can probably earn some extra-cash with Redbubble.

You must have the skill to become successful in this field. Also, you need to have the equipment and specific application programs in creating custom designs.

Creating an account with Redbubble is absolutely free of charge for account opening and the uploading of your work.

Also, there’s no service fee or whatsoever when you’re receiving your royalty payment.

Another good thing about Redbubble is that it is open to anyone who are artistic. No degrees or certifications needed. 

Lastly, some may concern themselves over marketing their works.

Redbubble is creating a lot of traffic, so you don’t need to worry about this.

Just give your best, and eventually, people will notice your work.

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Can you make money on Redbubble?

Well, yes, you can absolutely positively earn income from Redbubble.

But apparently, it is a platform that is not for everybody.

Given that you have the right skillset and complete with the tools needed, I think you can make it.

But take note that every business structure has its challenges, and one common factor is competition.

What makes your designs more competent than the rest?

Although you don’t necessarily have to market your work, it may sometimes be helpful to do so to stand out from the rest.

How much you’ll earn?

On every sale you make, of course, Redbubble has to make its cut.

The rate varies depending on certain factors to some extent.

It includes factors such as how much it cost them producing the artwork and the printing itself.

And then you also have to consider artist margin—it is the artists’ royalty per sale. It has a default percentage of 20%.

The markup of 20% may, of course, be changed.

So, the computation should look like this—

Base price + the artist margin = retail price paid by the customer

For example—

$20 (base price of the mug) + $4 (the artist margin)* = $24 (retail price)

* $20 (base price of the mug) x 20% (markup percentage) = $4 (the artist margin)

There’s no limit with the markup percentage, but remember that it may affect the buying behavior of your potential buyer.

If you’re an in-demand artist, then you may set your markup a little higher than rest.

It can be really challenging starting out with this type of business, considering how many good artists they have.

You have to come up with good designs, and create as many as you can to build traction.

If you have the drive to succeed, then maybe you can try contributing to Redbubble.

But if you want a more reliable source of income, then you have to check my best work-at-home recommendation.

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Is Redbubble a scam?

No. They are not a scam.

 They are a legitimate business that provides opportunities to artists to sell their work in printed form—mugs, tumbler, t-shirt, and many more.

What I Don't Like About Redbubble

Not for everyone

As repeatedly emphasized, this type of business requires creativity and producing lots of designs to earn a higher income.

Not all of us have that artistic side, and it may not be ideal for people who just want to earn some cash.

You may find it hard to catch up and may even end up frustrated at times if you are not patient and unable to tap your creativity consistently.

Possible poor quality products

 There were complaints regarding the prints they produce.
Can You Make Money On Redbubble
Can You Make Money On Redbubble

There were complaints like blurry images or pictures being washed out easily.

While it may not necessarily be a sign that their products are substandard in general, it is an indication that they have to double-check their quality control.

But overall, their customer seems to be happy with their products.

Poor delivery process and customer service

Can You Make Money On Redbubble
Can You Make Money On Redbubble

Click here to visit the ratings site.

What I Like About Redbubble

Membership is free

Creating an account as a distributor is absolutely free—no need to pull out money from your pocket.

Redbubble is ideal for artistic individuals and wants to start an online business selling their artwork.

Convenient payment method

Payment works like a conventional work area—you get every 15th and 30th of the month.

Your email either goes through your PayPal or straight to your email.

Final thoughts

I hope my review has provided you the answer to the important question—can you make money on Redbubble.

You can definitely earn some cash with Redbubble, and even potentially higher income if your artwork is in-demand.

I recommend this to artistic people, and those with the necessary tools to do the business properly.

Although they do not look for any certification or degrees, it is still not for everybody.

If you think you can make it as a contributor to this online business, then you may try contributing to them and see if it works.

But if you’re looking for a much better and guaranteed way to earn income, regardless of your skillset, then you have to check out the next section…

Do you want to know a much better way to earn income online?

Throughout the review, I repeatedly emphasize this better way to income online. And I will reveal to you what it is in this section.

You may have heard of it because it is one of the hottest trends in online business.

The platform I am talking about is Affiliate Marketing.

It is better than any online money-making schemes for several reasons—

  • No particular set of skills is required – you can still observe the niche you are in to.
  • It is free of risks.
  • No membership fee to begin with.

With Affiliate Marketing, what you’ll basically be doing is promoting a certain brand using an affiliate link.

It is that simple!

You don’t have to exert significant effort. You earn income as soon as someone engages the affiliate link and eventually avails the products or services.

What’s more, is that it doesn’t require any particular niche. You can still do the things you like under Affiliate Marketing.

But of course, you need an online presence to benefit from Affiliate Marketing.

If you don’t have any and don’t know how to start, then don’t worry about it…

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Thank you for taking time off and reading my Redbubble review.

Until next time!

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