Udemy SEO Mastery Review: Read this before you register!

Welcome to my Udemy SEO Mastery review!

I’m sure that you have become acquainted with an optimization tool called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as you’re searching for legitimate ways you can monetize your content.

If you’re at lost on how it works or could potentially help you in earning significant income online, then you might have turned to online training courses.

There are many programs you can find online, and probably the most prominent search result that would show up is those offered by Udemy.

Their online training program might have caught your attention, and you want to know more about their courses.

If this is your concern, then this article is what you’re looking for!

In this Udemy SEO Mastery review, I will provide a detailed list of the program and help you determine whether it’s worth every penny or should search for other platforms.

Udemy SEO Mastery Review

  • Name: Udemy SEO Mastery
  • Website: udemy.com
  • Founder: Greg Gillespie
  • Price: $129.9
  • Recommended?: It depends (Read On)!
Udemy SEO Mastery Review

Who is the author of Udemy SEO Mastery?

Udemy is a collection of training courses, not just one particular program.

They offer a massive line of course offerings that include eCommerce, software tutorials, and even those that are music-related, like how to play the piano or guitar.

It’s an American-based company that was founded in 2010 by partners Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani.

And for this article, I will particularly provide a review of their Udemy SEO Mastery training course.

And before I begin discussing the program in the following sections, allow me to introduce first the author of the course.

Udemy SEO Mastery Review

It was created by an online marketing expert and independent SEO consultant named Greg Gillespie.

He is a successful SEO professional and has been providing SEO services since 2008 for small and big businesses worldwide.

It was stated in his Udemy account that his success started to rise when he won an International SEO competition organized by prominent marketers—Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy.

Udemy SEO Mastery is the compilation of his life’s work and experiences. And if it worked for him, then it would possibly work for other individuals as well.

If you want to know more about his background, then you can check his Udemy account by clicking here.

What is SEO?

In addition to the above information, I feel that it’s essential for me to explain what SEO is to individuals who are new to this type of platform.

As mentioned, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And to give you a layman’s term, it is the process of improving your visibility or rankings in search engines like Google.

Such a procedure is extremely beneficial to businesses because it enhances their chances of increasing profitability as well.

Generally, what Udemy SEO Mastery does is to offer you how to optimize your online site to rank better in the search engines.

With this being said—you will also need to create an online site and publish contents that are essential to your visitors.  

And if you’re looking for a platform that can help you improve the quality of your online, then you have to check out the description below and learn more—

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(With no Experience or Degrees!)

Anyway, if you want to know more about the training course, then continue to the next section.

What is Udemy SEO Mastery? And how it works?

Once you become a member, Udemy SEO Mastery will provide you lessons that help you rank higher in popular search engines like Google, creating backlinks, SEO tasks management, and how to master On-Page SEO.

Basically, the training course provides essential tools and knowledge that could benefit you in terms of boosting your online site.

Udemy SEO Mastery Review

In addition, the modules also include the following important points—

  • How to properly search for focus keywords that will rank
  • Time savings tools such as Competitor Analysis
  • How to work with Google Panda in improving the quality of your online site
  • How you can utilize Hummingbird Engine to your advantage
  • Also, you’ll be learning how to remain compliant with Penguin and FRED Algorithm

As you, the training course offered by Greg Gillespie on Search Engine Optimization could be especially to beginners in the field.

Included in the package are 68 modules with a duration that last over 8 hours.

With so many topics to cover, I believe that they will definitely learn a lot from the program.

It’ll give you the basic information about Search Engine Optimization and potentially help you get ahead in the competition.

If you’re wondering about the details of their training program, then continue to the next section…

The registration process

At the time of this writing, they have a one day sale. And it seems to me that it is applicable to every course offered under Udemy.

Also, most of the programs there has a cost of $99, which includes SEO Mastery.

However, it should go back to its original price of $129.99 after the promo ended.

And if you want to more about the registration process, then check out this link.

Is it worth your money?

You may receive all the best advice in the world, but the bottomline is that it’s still your fight.

And your success still depends on the time, money, and effort you put into your business.

Yes, I believe that the modules relayed in training would be beneficial, especially to individuals with no knowledge of how SEO works or still confuse about the entire concept.

This may be the case—it may not be as useful to individuals with prior training or who have a sufficient understanding of the platform.

In addition, there are more affordable options out there that could still provide the results you seek.

Here Is My Best Work At Home Recommendation For Newbies!

Again, let me emphasized that you need to manage your expectation because the outcome or experiences we had may vary from person-to-person.

And that we still have to curve our own path to financial stability.

Is Udemy SEO Mastery a scam?

No. I’m definitely sure that Udemy SEO Mastery is not a scam.

They are a legitimate training course that teaches you how to utilize the benefits of SEO to grow your online business.

If you’re contemplating on signing up for their training course, then you don’t have to worry about anything because you are in perfectly good hands.

The only thing that made me not entirely commit to recommending them is that I feel it may only be advantageous to newbies in SEO.

Another thing is that there are cheaper training courses around that can help you optimize your online business. Check out this link, and I will show a better alternative.

What I Don't Like About Udemy SEO Mastery

It may only be good for beginners

As I repeatedly mention, it may only benefit newbies. Nonetheless, advanced SEO marketers may use them for reference if that’s their intention.

What I Like About Udemy SEO Mastery


Most courses offered under Udemy are legitimate. However, it’s still advisable to be vigilant as possible.

Extensive courses

Udemy SEO Mastery offers a wide range of courses that could potentially help you become a successful online entrepreneur.


The modules are user-friendly and comprehendible.

Final thoughts

I hope my Udemy SEO Mastery review has provided you sufficient information about the platform and helped in determining whether they’re a good value for your money or not.

Although Udemy SEO Mastery is legitimate and offers a course that could help you rank in search engines like Google, it may only be useful to beginners, in my opinion.

If you’re looking for a more advance and extensive training course, then you may have to search for other options.

Continue to the next section and discover how you can achieve financial freedom online…

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Well, I guess that’s just about it!

Thank you for taking time off and reading my Udemy SEO Mastery review!

I hope to see you next time!


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