Prosperity of Life Review: Will you prosper or lose?

Welcome to my Prosperity of Life Review!

They take pride in earning while learning, how true is this?

Let's get to know Prosperity of Life and what they offer as a business.

Are they worth investing in? let's find out!

What is Prosperity of Life?

Prosperity of Life Review

Prosperity Of Life is a personal development and empowerment training and seminar company.

A unique feature of the Prosperity of Life opportunity is that you can earn while you learn. 

In fact, most of their Directors and Coaches earn the majority of their income from the sales of courses and seminars. You can begin selling these right away.

Products and Services of Prosperity of Life


Master Of Destinies Success Coaching and Training

The Master Of Destinies Success Coaching and Training
program is a curriculum consisting of a series of online courses and virtual live events.

These courses and events are designed to fast track your ability to transform your life and create significant wealth.

7 Steps To 7 Figures = $1,870.00

This addresses the relationship between Mind and Money.

You will learn the mindset and wealth creation principles critical for the creation of significant, sustainable wealth.

You will also learn why your mindset and attitude toward money determines your relationship with success and how this effects your ability to break through the wealth barrier.

Prosperity of Life Review

M1, 17 Day Personal Prosperity System- Home Study Program= $2,855.00

In the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System they focus on six mind transcending topics. These topics are:

1. The Six Higher Faculties Of Mind
2. Internal vs External Reality
3. The Sixth Sense Zone
4. Collapsing The Field
5. Love And Gratitude Compass
6. Seeing The Subliminal

Supercharge Your Results
Master Of Destinies- Live Events

Our Live Events accelerate your control over your life.

M2 Sovereignty Live= $7,950.00

Currently we hold two live seminars annually. Our M2 Sovereignty Live is an 8 day virtual event focusing on wealth creation.

We meet for three hours each day over the course of the eight days.

M3 Influence Live= $12,950.00

Our M3 Influence Live, a 12 day virtual live event focusing on advanced personal development and coaching techniques. This twelve day event is hosted four days per week over the course of three weeks, with three hours devoted to each day.

Prosperity of Life Review

Master Of Destinies M7= $4,590.00

1. Know For Yourself
2. Departure
3. Decision
4. Action
5. Foundation
6. Sovereignty
7. Influence

These elements make up our home study curriculum.

This 7 part program is delivered through our Beyond Freedom Evolution home study course:

  • Know For Yourself
  • Departure
  • Decision
  • Action

M7 also includes the recorded content from the first of each of our live events:

  • M4 Foundation Live, an intensive one day communication workshop.
  • M2 Sovereignty Live, an intensive wealth creation master class.
  • M3 Influence Live, an intensive masterclass on advanced personal development concepts.

    This is a robust course that is designed to be your companion on your road to greater levels of success throughout your life.


Big Upfront Profits & Bonuses

This is the first opportunity that a POL Director or Coach has to create revenue for their enterprise. By promoting and selling our online courses and live seminars the profits and bonuses range from $500 - $8,000 per sale.

Leveraged Income

It is absolutely necessary to have leverage within your business if you want to become wealthy. Leverage within the Prosperity Of Life business model is the key.

The leverage that exists within the Prosperity Of Life compensation plan allowed me to double my earnings in my first 18 months of business. $600k was leveraged into a profit of $1.2 million.

Leverage is the ability to leverage your time and therefore profitability through the efforts of others.

Residual Income

The Prosperity of Life compensation plan had a strong residual income component built into the structure, and my vision for creating greater levels of wealth expanded.

Prosperity of Life produces premium wealth creation and life improvement courses on an ongoing basis.

Many of your customers become product lovers and have the ability to repeat purchases time and time again. Your repeat purchase profits and bonuses range anywhere from $500 - $8000.

 I Created My Own Online Business At Just 20!

(With no Experience or Degree!)


Network Director

A Network Director is not a Coach. A Network Director earns money by doing three things:

1. Selling our Courses, Trainings and Seminars.
2. Enrolling new members into your Network to sell these products.
3. Enrolling others to become Business or Life Coaches.

A "Network" is the name we give to the collective of individuals you have a business relationship with. 

Life/Business Coach

Not all Coaches are equal. There are certain aspects of your unique personality that can give you an edge.

That being said, you are only as good as your tools. Most coaching focuses in at the level of problem solving and incremental growth.

This can be a painfully slow and tedious process that leaves both the Coach and the Client flat.

If you have a desire to work one-on-one and with groups to achieve these outcomes then check out the Life/Business Coaching video.


As a Prosperity Of Life Student or Client, you will receive the very best training and coaching available today.

You will be introduced to concepts so powerful that you will begin to understand what Transformation is really about and what is actually possible.

There are two ways to participate, and we recommend a combination of both. One, you can progress your way through our course and seminar lineup, and two, you can be put in contact with a certified Prosperity Of Life, Life, or Business Coach, and experience new levels of insight and clarity.

Reviews & Ratings of Prosperity of Life

Here are some of the reviews of Prosperity of Life:

Tired Of Expensive MLMs?

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What I Like About Prosperity of Life

Structured Programs

Prosperity of Life offers quite a structured program about personal development. 

It means that the courses are well thought of and developed. Well, that should be the case since each course costs a FORTUNE.

What I Don't Like About Prosperity of Life

Fishy Reviews

As you have seen in the reviews, all good reviews were created on THE SAME DAY. However, the one with the negative review was only one and its quite dramatic.

So, that's a RED FLAG

SCAM History

The Liberty League, a well-known pyramid scheme run by Shane Krider in 2009, is very similar to Prosperity of Life.

He says in one of the compensation plan videos that you should be thankful for passing up the first two sales to your sponsor because that model would encourage you to earn pass-up sales from your enrollees in the future.

Unfortunately, you would most likely to be out of business by the time you are able to earn a qualified commission.




You'll be bankrupt even before you finish a course. So, good luck with that! 


Earning is TOUGH

Apparently, since it costs a fortune. How will you be able to attract customers? 


Is Prosperity of Life a SCAM?

Well, I wouldn't say that they are a SCAM.

You may earn from them and if you do, you'll quite earn a sum of money. However, that would take a while. 

And it will probably cost you a fortune.

So, I wouldn't recommend spending your life's earnings on this!

Final Thoughts

To conclude I don't recommend Prosperity Of Life or any MLM on my website not because they are scams or illegal but because they are very expensive and the success rate is very low with them!
73% of people who participate in network marketing don't succeed
If you are looking for a better alternative then Affiliate Marketing is my #1 recommendation for you!

 Affiliate Marketing Is Better Than MLMs Because...

✔Cheaper & Way More Profitable!

✔ You Don't Need To Recruit or Harass Your Friends To make Money!

✔No Start-up Costs or Confusing Compensation Plans!

✔ You Don't need to buy any starter kit or product!

 ✔ Promote any Product (or multiple products) you are interested in!

✔No House Parties or Facebook Classrooms!

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