Is The Ecom Formula a scam? (quick review)

Can you really make $40k per month or it’s just a scam? in this article, I will give you my honest review and I will share with you a legit way to make real money just keep reading.

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What is The Ecom Formula?

The Ecom Formula claims that you can make up to $1483.29 every day for $37 and by simply following some easy steps, seriously? who can give you such a life-changing method for only $37?

I mean you can make money by owning an E-commerce store but it really takes time and you need to put much effort on it, I’ve seen a lot of scam websites like this before who tell you dreamy things to rob your money and they use many ways to convince such as fake testimonies.

I found one of the testimonies on a website called where you can hire a spokesperson to say whatever you want for a very low price.

The truth behind The Ecom formula

Well, let’s talk about this little positive site about this website which is you might learn how to build your own online store thanks to the training but it’s not a big deal but you are not earning any penny with The Ecom Formula at all.

Another thing that I want to mention, this website is a ClickBank and the thing very common on ClickBank products is that they push you to buy up-sells by telling you that you will earn more if you get them, but in this case, it’s possible to get your money back.

Is it a scam?

It’s not 100% a scam because at least you will get some training lessons but also It’s not something that I recommend because they don’t keep their promises and they tell a bunch of lies and use fake testimonies and pictures taken from the internet just to convince you to take your money and waste your time.

As I say always, making money is so real but you always need to avoid all these kinds of websites who say extraordinary things like this one.

personally, I hate ClickBank products like this one because they always add upsells which makes you lose more money and time and without earning nothing.

How to make real money

If you really into making money online you are in the right place because here I will share with you the best method that I used to start my online business.

I’m not going to tell you lies as these scam websites tell you, you’re not making money overnight or in a really short period but if you work hard you will see the results after.

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