Is Social Cash Club a scam? Truth exposed!

Social Cash Club is a website that tells you everything you want to hear make a lot of money fast and without working hard…, it’s a website that claims that you will get a bunch of money just by inviting you people to join them.

In their homepage, they claim that you can earn $500 today and even get $25 sign up bonus this is the most used method that a lot of scammers use to convince you.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of websites like this, and all of them give FAKE promises.

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What is Social Cash club and how does it work?

Social Cash Club is a website that claims that you can make you $5 for every click on your link and $10 for every signup, all you have to do is looking for people to make them join Social Cash Club.

I wanted to know more about this website so I signed up with an email that I use to review questionable websites, it took only 2 minutes or fewer to join.

Once you join them you get an empty profile with a link that you have to share on social media you people can click on it and you start earning,

I shared the link in my Facebook page to see if it going to work I waited few hours and I even asked some of my friends to click on it, but as I expected I earned NOTHING!

In my Social Cash Club profile, there is a $15 surveys button that I clicked and it leads to another website called Xrewards Center, I registered on it too and it says that I need to start downloading stuff and enter my phone number and email to earn points that after will turn into money, seriously?


Personally I think this is so dumb and it doesn’t make any sense and it’s a huge waste of time and it can even be a waste of money if you enter your phone number and unfortunately you are NOT earning any cent at all because the only one that will earn is the owner who is not even known..

Is Social Cash Club a scam?

Yes, it is, it’s so easy to start a website anyone can make one and start writing lies and publish them that’s why you should always be careful to not fall in this kind of lies.

Another thing I wanted to mention making money online is SO real but it’s not that you can start earning instantly or overnight or someone will give you money without doing nothing.

And please don’t be fooled by the fake logos because the scammers would do anything to win your trust and convince you but unfortunately, a lot get scammed by them especially the newbies who have any experience.

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