Is Lifestyle Now a scam? (full review)

Making thousands of dollars quickly and getting a new cool lifestyle is amazing but it needs a lot of work and passion it does not come by clicking a few buttons but Lifestyle now makes you believe that is easy just like a dream, but trust me I have seen a lot of scammers like that before and they are only trying to seduce you with high profits to make you buy their products.

Well if you’re here that means that you are doing your research before buying their system and that is a good sign because this article will save your money and your time.

What is LifeStyle Now?

So Lifestyle Now who’s owned by a guy called Joel claims that you can make $200 to $10.000 per month for the rest of your life, and without telling you what do you have to do he is just talking about his system and how it will change your life.

Well, while watching the promo video Joel said that he’s tired of making money alone and without sharing his methods with no one and because of this he made this website so he can help people to get the fortune like him.

After watching the promo video I clicked the “Yes I want in!” button because I was curious to know what is going to happen so I had to put my name and my email so I signed up but not with my real email.

and once I did that I ended in another program called Now Lifestyle which is a recent company that belongs to the MLM (Multi-level Marketing): Multi-level Marketing is a monetary strategy used by direct sales companies to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors.

How does it work?

 Now lifestyle is a recent brand that is all about curing your negativity and stress and giving you positive enforcement, exercises, and education according to them, and they also do exercise challenges and home workout programs, it’s all about health and wellness where you can make money by getting people to join their program for $50.00 per month or by selling their products (energy booster, protein powder, …)

So all those lies that had been told on the promo video in Lifestyle Now website is just to seduce you to sign up in Now Lifestyle which is no way related to what has been said in the video.

While doing my research I figured out that if become a member of this Multi-level Marketing company you will get 50% of everyone’s selling of those people you recruit into the program for example if someone earns $500 you will get $250 but the weird thing is you do nothing you just wait for them to sell the company products and you get the 50%.

Or you can become a reseller and get up to 100% to commissions and 90% residual every month which is the highest payout in the industry according to them.

The thing that I know about MLM is that will not make you much money because let’s face it there is no system that can make you lots of money without doing almost nothing, and I’m not saying that you are not getting any but it needs you a lot of work and you are not going to get paid as well as they promise because all the big money goes to the owners of the website, I don’t want to dive in more because You’re here for Lifestyle Now .

And to conclude with Now Lifestyle I will give you my final opinion about it which is I don’t highly recommend (I’m not saying that it’s a scam) but I know that people who work in MLM companies.

can get paid the most by inviting people to sign up with their website and that takes you a lot of work because you have to keep chasing people, personally I don’t like this kind of business because I prefer working on my own and literally getting money with your passion and I will talk about this at the end of this article just keep reading.

Is Lifestyle Now a scam?

unfortunately yes, as I told you earlier it’s been made just to seduce you to join Now lifestyle where you have to chase people to get paid.

and don’t get twisted Lifestyle Now and Now lifestyle is not the same thing, the first is a scam and the second it takes you a lot of work and you will get just a little money. So I don’t recommend any of them.

What I recommend

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