Is eCommerce Mastery a Scam? Or is it Legitimate? Let’s find out!

Welcome to my eCommerce Millionaire Mastery review!

If you’re looking for opportunities online, then there’s a good chance that you have come across the term dropshipping.

If you search the web for legitimate dropshipping courses online, then the name of Kevin Zhang might come out among the top searches.

And it is rightfully so because he is among the successful online entrepreneurs that made their fortunes in dropshipping.

With this fact in mind, you may still want to do a more thorough background check before investing in his training course.

If this is the case, then this review is what you’re looking for!

In this review, I will provide a detailed analysis of the program and help you determine whether it’s worth your money or continue searching for other opportunities.

So is eCommerce Mastery a scam? Or is it legitimate?

Let’s begin and find out…

eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Review

Is eCommerce Mastery a Scam

Who is Kevin Zhang?

Before we discuss the program and explain them in detail, I’d like to introduce first the person behind eCommerce Millionaire Mastery.

Is eCommerce Mastery a Scam

Kevin Zhang is a self-made millionaire. Probably, what’s more, impressive in his resume is that he achieved all of this in his early 20s.

So impressive that he was featured in prominent magazines and online news outlets like Forbes, Tedx, and Yahoo! Finance.

Kevin made his fortune from dropshipping.

He was born of Chinese immigrant parents, and like any success stories, he came from a humble beginning.

He realized early in life that he achieve anything he desires without being caught up in the endless rat race. Despite strong objections from his parents, he pursued and pressed forward and became the success as he is now.

He has a pretty inspiring background, and anybody who hears his method could learn how to become a successful online entrepreneur as well.

In the next section, let’s discuss more of his online training course…

Is eCommerce Mastery a Scam

What is eCommerce Millionaire Mastery? And how it works?

eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is an online program that primarily provides training on dropshipping.

After you register, you will gain access to his extensive 14 modules that comprise 170 plus lessons.

Needless to say that he covered every possible topic to help you gain traction in this type of business setting.

Is eCommerce Mastery a Scam

The following is a summary of what you’ll learn from his dropshipping course—

Introduction to eCommerce

For the first module, Kevin will talk about the foundations of eCommerce and dropshipping.

He presents the important points here before he begins discussing the core lessons.

Branded Niche Dropshipping

As I was researching about this program, one of the repeated statements I’ve observed is that Kevin Zhang has a different approach in eCommerce compared to other online entrepreneurs.

In this module, you will learn the unique methods that made him successful in eCommerce.

eCommerce Consumer Psychology

As the term implies, it aims to help you understand consumer behavior and tendency, and how you can connect with them.

Shopify Store Mastery

This is probably the programs’ most lengthy module. And all throughout, it will only revolve around utilizing Shopify to your advantage.

Setting up your Facebook Account for Advertising

Facebook Ad is the only platform taught in this extensive online training course. In this section, Kevin Zhang will provide his knowledge about setting up your business on Facebook.

Making Engaging and High Profitable Advertisements

For this section, you will gain access to his 25 plus videos on how you can effectively formulate a marketing strategy.

Facebook Advertisement Strategy Part One

Now, this is a more extensive course on Facebook ads. It contains elements such as campaigns, scaling, and data evaluation.

Facebook Advertisement Strategy Part Two

As mentioned, it seems like Facebook Ads is the only method of promotion Kevin Zhang relayed. But I think it’s okay and effective nonetheless because the general population worldwide uses Facebook.

For this module, he will teach you a strategy in Facebook referred to as CBO or Campaign Budget Optimization.

Business Principles in Understanding eCommerce

It includes basic principles on sales models, revenue, gross margin, and other essential topics.

Some of the sales models that you may encounter here include free shipping modules, subscription formats, and the idea of low ticket against the high ticket.

The Basics of Email Marketing and SMS Marketing for Dropshipping

You’ll learn another basic of promoting your dropshipping business, which is through SMS messaging and Email.

I’m not sure if text messaging is still an effective marketing strategy, but it’s interesting to see how Kevin Zhang utilizes this form of communication to your advantage.

A/B and Testing Multivariate

This module covers only two sections and is the shortest among the other topics in Kevin’s training course.

It is short because it only presents testing your business’ progress and help you improve it.

Customer Support Best Practices

As the term implies, you will learn how to properly handle customer support.

Keeping your Business Alive

Aside from maintaining profitability, it also includes other stuff like taxes, Facebook compliance, LLC, etc.

Building Advanced Infrastructure and Achieving Full Automation

For this 14th and final module, Kevin Zhang provides guidelines in hiring the right people for your business.

By doing so, it allows you to free up yourself and focus on other important things.

If you’re interested in knowing how much is the registration fee and is it worth the money, then continue to the following sections…

The registration process

If you’re considering joining eCommerce Mastery, then you have to prepare your budget!

To benefit from his training course, you have to pay the registration fee of $1,997.

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Is it worth the money?

When it comes to dropshipping, Kevin Zhang is definitely an authority in talking about the potentialities of the platform since he made his fortune from it.

I believe that you will learn a lot from the training course he offers and that you would benefit from what he has to offer. But the only downside of his platform is that it’s very expensive.

But as for me, I am not willing to spend $1,997 just for a training course. I feel it’s impractical.

Plus, there are cheaper options in regards to dropshipping courses.

Also, you have to take note that there’s no such thing as a guarantee in the business. What I mean by this is that if it worked for Kevin Zhang and some of his followers, it doesn’t mean that it would also work for everybody else.

Engaging in any type of business is still a trial and error as far as I am concerned.

Although the training course he offers is legitimate and could work for some individuals, it may be a very costly mistake to some if it resulted in losses.

If you have the budget to accommodate such losses if it indeed happens or just up for the challenge, then do so at your own risk.

If you’re not willing to take the risk, then it is okay because there are better and cheaper options out there!

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Is eCommerce Mastery a scam?

No. eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is not a scam!

It is a legitimate online course that provides training on how to become successful in eCommerce through dropshipping.

If you’re contemplating on signing up for their program, then you don’t have to worry about anything—you are perfectly in good hands.

What I Don't Like About eCommerce Millionaire Mastery


As mentioned earlier, eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is not budget-friendly.

The only Ad platform is taught

In his training course, Facebook Advertisement is the only platform you can use to promote your products or services

There are several Ad programs around that you can use to boost your online business, and some of them weren’t included.

What I Like About eCommerce Millionaire Mastey


The first positive note to take here is that the training course offered by Kevin Zhang is legitimate!

Detailed training program

The course offered by Kevin Zhang is very detailed. What this means is that you can learn a lot from his program.

Excellent refund policy

He offers an outstanding 7-day refund policy if you feel that it won’t help you achieve your goals.

Final thoughts

I hope my review has helped you get the answer to this all-important question—is eCommerce Mastery a scam? Is it a legitimate program that could help you achieve your hearts’ desire?

In any case, I still don’t recommend them or any training course online because most of their courses are relatively expensive, considering that there’s still a possibility that it might not work.

Continue to the next section and discover how you can achieve financial freedom online…

How I earn income online

Affiliate Marketing is a better option than any money-making schemes or platforms that promise income online for few apparent reasons, and it includes the following—

  • It possesses no risk!
  • It yields a higher and more stable source of income!
  • No upsells!
  • It is free, to begin with!
  • It is way affordable compared to other programs!
  • You no longer have to worry about any undisclosed charges!
  • Unlimited income because you can essentially promote as many businesses as you like.

Yes, what you’ll basically be doing is to promote a brand using an affiliate link through your online site.

And then, you earn commissions every time someone engages the link you’ve provided and use it to purchase the products or services offered on the landing page of the brand you’re promoting.

Of course, this endeavor’s success relies on the quality of traffic being driven into your website.

If you’re a complete beginner and don’t know where to start, or already have an idea of how it works but struggling as of the moment, then you no longer have to worry any further!

I have the perfect solution for you!

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Well, I guess that’s just about it!

Thank you for taking time off and reading my content about answering the question that might be bothering you for quite some time—“is eCommerce Mastery a scam?”

I hope to see you next time!


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