Is Damsel in Defense a Scam? Is This A legit MLM Company?

Welcome to my Damsel in Defense scam review.

Many MLM companies out there are legit and sell legitimate products for you to sell to earn money.

However, not all MLM companies are legit because some MLM companies are scams or pyramid schemes that don't offer products for you to sell and only want is your money.

But the question is, is Damsel in Defense a scam? Is this a legit company that offers a legit opportunity to make money from home?

Let's find out in this review.

This review will take an in-depth look at Damsel in Defense and see if this is a legit MLM company to earn money or just another scam or a pyramid scheme.

This review will answer all your questions about Damsel in Defense and understand more about this company before making any decisions.

Is Damsel in Defense a scam? Let's find it out.

Damsel in Defense Review

  • Name: Damsel in Defense
  • Website:
  • Founder: Jimmy and Mindy Lin
  • Price: $100
  • Recommended?: No
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What Is Damsel in Defense ?

Damsel in Defense is a Multi-Level-Marketing founded by Jimmy and Mindy back in 2012.

It is a company that makes self-defense items such as stun guns, pepper sprays, and personal alarms.

They also produce and sell safety accessories like breakaway lanyards, striking tools, and more.

The company headquarters is located in Jacksonville, Texas, and its mission is to provide safety not only for women but also for men and children.

Apart from the safety products, they also create ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing self-defense weapons and products.

How Does Damsel in Defense Works?

Damsel in Defense sells self-defense products such as stun guns, pepper sprays, and many other protective devices.

The company has an affiliate program where you can join as a member and buy their products at a lower price and sell it at a higher price.

This is good because both the company and sellers make money.

Like other MLM companies, Damsel in Defense is just avoiding the expensive cost, and they just let the members do all the work by advertising the company.

Damsel in Defense products

damsel in defense products

Before you join, it is important to know what kind of products the company sells to have a clear understanding of whether those products are legit.

As I said earlier, Damsel in Defense sells different kinds of products, from self-defense items and safety accessories.

Here are some of Damsel in Defense's best-selling products:

  • Protected Pepper with shield technology ($98.89) - It is a pepper spray with a panic button feature that sends Bluetooth alerts & location to your trusted contacts through your Shield Community App. 
  • Call Back RFID Wallet ($16.67) - It is a slim RFID Blocking phone wallet that keeps your essentials compact while out of town. It is easily attached to the back of your phone for convenience.
  • Billy Fold Leather RFID Wallet ($33.33) - It is a men's wallet that contains material that protects against the digital theft of your personal information. Its inner construction contains material that blocks RFID scanning to prevent identity and credit card theft.
  • Little Ringer ($82) - It is a stun device that lets you stun criminals. The product also comes with a stylish and low-key ergonomic design. This is also one of their flagship product.

Can You Make Money With Damsel in Defense?

Since the company has a product to offer, yes, you can make some money with Damsel in Defense.

However, it will be hard, and it will take time and hard work for you to earn a decent income.

This company's downside is they don't have an income disclosure to show, so we don't know how much their members earn.

How To Make Money With Damsel in Defense?

You need to do two things if you want to make some money with Damsel in Defense by selling the products or inviting someone to join the company to earn money by selling the products.

Let me remind you that you can only earn money if your downline members make a sale, not because you recruit them.

This way, the company avoids the authorities by calling them a pyramid scheme because the recruitment incentives and payments are not made directly.

How Much Does Damsel in Defense Cost?

If you want to join the company, you need to pay $100 to become their member.

You'll also get a starter kit once you join the company, including an emergency tool, tactical pen, personal alarm, concealed carry a purse, a Digital Defense Family Plan, and a Safe Hearts storybook.

Damsel in Defense Monthly cost

To earn a commission, you need to maintain a monthly quota of 50 PV, which means you need to sell $50 worth of products every month.

You'll also have to incur these other costs.

  • $100
  • $50 x 12

The minimum cost for year 1 is $700

However, other expenses such as training, marketing, gasoline, travel, food, and many more aren't included in this list, which means that you will spend more.

Damsel in Defense Compensation plan

With Damsel in Defense, there are three ways for you to earn and make money:

  • Retail Commission - Earn a 25% commission every time you sell a product.
  • Recruitment Bonus - Receive a 25% bonus once your recruited member gets their first starter pack.
  • Fast Start Bonus - Earn a $300 bonus once you get promoted to a higher level.

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Is Damsel in Defense A Scam?

Damsel in Defense is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. 

The company has a product for you to sell for you to earn money.

Also, the product you sell is a self-defense product for women to protect themselves from criminals, which is very nice and very useful for them.

However, the only downside is that it will cost you more money than you expected because you have to make up for the unreached quota.

Like I said earlier, it will also cost you more money such as training, marketing, gasoline, travel, food, and many more.

The company product is good, but I can't recommend you this because it will cost you more.

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What I Like About Damsel in Defense

Unique self-defense products

As you can see, the company sells self-defense products for women to protect themselves.

This is the unique product I have seen because most MLM sells health and wellness or beauty products.

So there is a good chance you can sell these products on the market because there are very few options out there.

It has been around for a long time

You see, the average lifespan of an MLM is just five years, but with Damsel in Defense, they have been around since 2012, which is more than five years, and they are still running to this day.

This shows that this company is legit and legal and won't be shut down soon.

What I Don't Like About Damsel in Defense

Hard time selling the products

The products are unique because only a few MLM companies sell this kind of product, especially self-defense products.

However, it will take you a hard time to sell these products because they are not many interested in them.

No income disclosure

You see, the company does not have an income disclosure, so we don't know how their members earn.

Income disclosure is very important because it shows that members are earning and nothing with Damsel in Defense.

Hidden monthly expenses

Joining the company is not that expensive, but there are monthly hidden monthly expenses in the monthly quota.

You see, you have to sell 50 PV or sell $50 worth of products monthly to qualify for the commissions and bonuses.

So you have no choice but to buy their products to get the commissions which obviously, also came from your pocket.

Is It a pyramid scheme in disguise?

Recruiting is the main focus of this company, but the question is, is the company a pyramid scheme in disguise?

Well, you see, the members must sell $50 worth of products every month to stay active, which means you have to recruit as many downline members as possible.

This way, you get commissions from them, which you then use to pay off the $50.

Final Though

I hope my review has provided you sufficient knowledge about Damsel in Defense and provided you the answer to all your questions.

Damsel in Defense sells effective and thoughtful self-defense products. However, the downside is that it will cost you more money on expenses and not just that you also have to sell $50 worth of products monthly to qualify for the commissions and bonuses.

So you have to recruit more to get that commission.

This is what I don't like about MLM companies because you will be forced to recruit people to earn money.

This isn't an upright business model because you deceive them into buying the idea of becoming their boss and making them realize that they lose money instead of making money in the long run.

There are many legit and profitable business opportunities out there that you can try, and you can earn a decent income.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my Damsel in Defense scam review. 

If you have any questions or experiences with Damsel in Defense, please share in the comments below.

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