Review: A Scam or easy $4K Per Week?

So you came across a website called Crowd Profits and you are wondering if you can really turn a $200 investment into a $4K a week income?

in this quick review, I will expose all the untold truth and I will show you why Crowd Profits is not the best way to make money online

What is Crowd Profits

Crowd Profits is an awesome opportunity that will turn a $200 investment  into $4k a week income

All you need to do to get involved is to fill out the registration form and once your registration is accepted you will become a member.

Then Go to your profile and fund your profile with $200 or more, they will allow you to invest in digital advertising of big brand names such as Apple, Nike, Starbucks…..

The spokesperson says that making money online is all about timing and the jumping on a trend early on, he claims that must that making money with youtube, affiliate marketing, setting up a blog….have already passed

This is the first red flag because I do Affiliate Marketing and there are so money affiliate marketers and YouTubers out there who are making money in a legitimately…

               How Crowd Profits Really Works

Crowd Profits doesn’t work there is NO way you could crowdfund ads in such a way as the Crowd Profits system claims you can.

After investing your $200 they will make you believe that you are making money (the numbers in your account will start to grow) and this is how they will likely scam you because t comes time to actually cash out the money you will realize that you have been scammed.

Another thing I want to mention is: There is absolutely no proof that any of this is real. We have no idea who’s the owner of this company, the disclaimer makes no sense…

For a newbie, it might look like a legit opportunity but trust me I’ve reviewed so many similar websites that make the same claims but ended up to be scams.

Is Crowd Profits a Scam?

Crowd profits is just another way to steal money from innocent newbies it’s full of lies and fake claims they just tell you whatever is good to make you invest your hard earned money on such a useless system.

I think that Crowd Profits is a scam because:

  • full of lies
  • unknown owner
  • no contact information
  • the claimer doesn’t make sense
  • Massive income claims

To conclude please stay away from this system because it’s just a new way to steal money from people with no experience online.

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